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Recommended Books
The Right Choice
by Chris Gray

The MRP II Standard System by Chris Gray and Darryl Landvater

Sales and Operations Planning Handbook by Don Rice and John Civerolo



Master It (Master Scheduling and Lean Production)


Staying in Business with e-Business


Time to Get Serious About e-Commerce


Does Your Supply Chain Measure Up? 


The Party's Over - The Real Aftermath of Y2K 


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Software and Simplicity


Turning Education Expense into an Investment that Pays Off!


ERP Software: Valuable Tips for Selection and Implementation


Coca-Cola: "Always" Class A 




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We are a global association of independent manufacturing and supply-chain experts devoted to sharing knowledge and experiences on proven, profitable management processes, and on emerging technologies.

By reviewing business processes, and analyzing how companies in a wide span of industries effectively operate, implement and integrate modern management approaches including: Collaboration-B2B, Supply Chain Management, Lean Manufacturing and Lean Supply Chain, Enterprise Resource Planning, Sales and Operations Planning, Demand Management, Advanced Planning Systems, and focused performance measurements (KPI's), we clarify and simplify these management techniques and identify the key success factors. Our goal is to disseminate information through articles, papers and educational materials, to help companies implement and integrate improvements while avoiding excessive Information Technology investments. This will help companies achieve the most rapid time-to-benefit for these important management systems -- supported by focused software tools, and behavior changes across the organization.

Our members, through their consulting firms, provide education and consulting services to manufacturing and distribution companies throughout the world.

BILL BELT EXCELLENCE www.billbelt.com 
Bill Belt. France, email: bbx@billbelt.com 
Emmanuel de Ryckel, France, email: EdeRyckel@aol.com 

DELOS PARTNERSHIP www.delospartnership.com 
Rod Clarke, United Kingdom, email: rodclarke@delospartnership.com 
Richard Watkins, United Kingdom, email: richardwatkins@delospartnership.com 

Empowered Performance LLC  www.empoweredperformance.com
Michael Stickler, Chicago IL, email: mstickler@empoweredperformance.com  

JACK GIPS, INC. www.jackgipsinc.com 
Jack Gips, Ohio, email: JGIPSINC@aol.com 

PHIL HEENAN CONSULTING www.heenan.com.au
Phil Heenan  phil.heenan@bigpond.com

Bob Jones, Utah, email: robertljonesinc@comcast.net 

PARTNERS FOR EXCELLENCE www.partnersforexcellence.com 
John Dougherty, New Hampshire, email: jrd1@partnersforexcellence.com 
Chris Gray, Gray Research www.grayresearch.com, New Hampshire, email: cgr...@grayresearch.com
Don Rice, Tennessee, email: RiceCo@bellsouth.net 

SCANNELL & WIGHT, www.scannellandwight.com

Dana Scannell, Ph.D., email: dana.scannell@scannellandwight.com




Having advice from someone who's been successful is the best insurance that you are on the right track.  Call or email me for more information:  1 603 778-9211, cgr...@grayresearch.com .   

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