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   Courseware:  Sales and Operations Planning Instructor's Guide
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Chris Gray is President of Gray Research and a Senior Partner with Partners for Excellence, Inc.


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Do you need to educate people on key concepts like Sales and Operations Planning and want self-administered programs that you can run at your own pace and on your own schedule? 


The Partners for Excellence Sales and Operations Planning Courseware (Instructor’s Manual and Visuals) was  specifically designed to support timely, focused, self-administered education.  That's your people conducting a sales and operations planning class using professionally developed materials from our library of course material.  


This comprehensive courseware contains, in digital form, ready for you to print or display:


  • Detailed course material and the PowerPoint visuals used in conducting a class. 

  • Instructor notes for each visual – what are the key points that need to be made?

  • Brainstorming questions to facilitate two-way discussion and learning. 

The Sales and Operations Planning  Instructor’s Manual can be used to conduct 8-24 hours of education. 


Instructor's Manual Contents:

  •       Overview

  •       S&OP Planning Problems

  •       S&OP Planning Purpose

  •       Five (5) Step Sales and Operations Planning Process

  •       Demand Planning and Sales/Marketing Role

  •       Production Planning and Rough Cut Capacity Planning

  •       Partnership Meeting

  •       S&OP Meeting And Agenda

  •       Sales and Operations Planning Horizon

  •       S&OP Process Time Line

  •       Performance Measurements

  •       Mechanics of Sales and Operations Planning

  •       Top Management’s Role in S&OP Planning

  •        Sales and Operations Planning Checklist

The course consists of approximately 85 PowerPoint visuals, and an Instructor's Manual of approximately 160 pages.  


The Sales and Operations Planning Instructor's Manual and the Master Production Scheduling Instructor's Manual and the Advanced Master Production Scheduling Video complement each other and can be used in together to form a comprehensive internal education program for the master scheduling and S&OP processes for your company.  


To Order



Course Materials  - $995 (download from our website)


License Restrictions:


The S&OP Instructor's Guide and associated visuals are copyrighted materials that may not be copied or redistributed in any form.  They are licensed for use at a single site with the additional restriction that the copyright claims that are part of the material may not be removed or modified.  .  


Special Offer: 


Purchase the Master Production Scheduling Instructor's Manual together with the Sales & Operations Planning Instructor's Manual for a combined price of $1125 (a discount of 35% from the normal price of $1745). 


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Live Classes With Our Instructors To Train Your Trainers

We can also train your trainers!.  We can conduct a comprehensive class on your site for your people: 

  • Designated training personnel are taken through the course step-by-step. 

  • Your people are provided with an excellent understanding of the concepts, processes, techniques, policies and tools to be successful with Master Scheduling in your company.

  • Once they understand the material they can instruct your people. 

Call Partners for Excellence at 603 528-0840 for more information on our customized on-site classes. 


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