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The Right Choice - A Complete Guide to Evaluating, Selecting and Installing Effective Manufacturing and Supply Chain Application Systems by Chris Gray

How You Can Select Manufacturing and Supply Chain Application Software And Be Confident of Your Decision

Newly Revised and Updated - Prequel to the Standard System Series on Manufacturing Software Standards


How to make manufacturing and supply chain software work is no longer much of a mystery. But many companies still have significant delays in getting started, in selecting software, and in solving common software problems.  You can make a difference in whether your company experiences software problems or successfully sidesteps its potholes. 


The Right Choice shows you how.  It gives you the big picture of application software for manufacturing and supply chain management, showing you the entire software scene. 


The Right Choice helps you in selecting software.  It gives you the tools you need to make a selection quickly and with confidence, refuting the conventional wisdom that taking longer in software selection means implementing faster.  It gives detailed information on how to determine your software requirements and how to do an effective job of negotiating with software suppliers. 

The Right Choice provides a comprehensive discussion of the issues involved in determining which software programs will best meet your company's needs. Explains how to avoid common pitfalls that can lead to costly delays and determine which functions in the software are missing, need to be modified or should be eliminated, including: 


1.      How to recognize the myths about enterprise application software.

2.      The elements of a successful system.

3.      How to define systems requirements.

4.      How to evaluate software quickly and objectively.

5.      How to negotiate a software contract.

6.      Making the system work from a technical perspective


The Right Choice is for doers, not talkers.  It helps you make the right choices and assures you of success with software the first time. 


Read praise for The Right Choice from some of its early readers.  


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Praise for “The Right Choice”

“This book contains decades of lessons learned stories from companies who have ‘chosen poorly’ in software selection. Thirteen years ago, my team used the first edition of this book during our ERP selection; our decision proved to be a good one. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone responsible for selecting manufacturing and supply chain application systems.”

Paul Skornia, Information Systems Manager

“My wish for this book is that Executives read it and listen!  Not only is it a strong, strong comprehensive message in terms of organizing and preparing for hardware/software changes but the considerations laid down for the future time frame (years!) after implementation are so key.  I wish such a book had been available during my historical implementation and upgrade experiences.” 

Eileen Lucas, Chemical Industry Consultant

“Chris Gray clearly articulates the real world issues that a company and its users face as they begin an ERP journey.  He provides real world advice based upon proven processes on what to do and what not to do to be successful and attain manufacturing and supply chain excellence.   I will be recommending this book as required reading for our facilities as they implement new ERP systems in the near future.”

            James G. Hutzel, CPIM, Director of Distribution and Logistics

“This book is a must read for Business Owners and Executives initiating a strategic software selection.  Enterprise software selection is an infrequent part of most executives’ career.   The foundational concepts outline here will be invaluable through that process.  Greater success and satisfaction with selected software are just some of the results from the preparation offered here.”

Jim Flood, Senior Software Sales Executive

 “What a great book! The sequencing was perfect.  It can be used not only as a template for selecting and implementing planning/ scheduling software, but is a great tool for selection and implementation for most software initiatives.

This book should be a must read for all executives and managers considering changing or adding software. It highlights the major pitfalls that many of us fall into as part of the learning process, specifically in the areas of education (differentiated from training), ownership, process logic and standard.”

Deborra Ciocys, Business and Manufacturing Support Manager