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Sales & Operations Planning - Handbook

Authors: John Civerolo and Don Rice

This Handbook provides tools and techniques to simplify the implementation or improvement of a Sales & Operations Planning process in your company. Samples, examples, specific step-by-step instructions, and internal audit data are provided to help your company start or improve your S&OP process.  This information helps reduce the time and effort spent on reinventing items that have been documented as best practice in other companies.

The handbook is divided into topical sections. You don’t have to read it from front to back to get results. There are several different uses for this handbook. Some uses are:

  • General overview of what it takes to get started;

  • How to get people to focus on process problems;

  • How to improve an existing process;

  • What to do if you are not getting the expected measurable results;

  • Conduct an informal process review

  • Looking for answers to “How To” questions.

This Sales & Operations Planning Handbook was created from the hard work of many individuals in many different companies. The content is based on what has been proven to work in real world business situations. There are no theories or ideas, just practical and proven solutions.

Table of Contents:  

How to use this Handbook 

What is Sales & Operations Planning 

The Five Steps of Sales & Operations Planning 

Demand Planning Process 

What is Demand Planning?
Linking to the Customer 
Advantages of a Good Sales Plan 
One Approach to Generating a Sales Plan
Big Events List 
Big Events Action List Explanation
Big Events Action List Description 
Root Cause Analysis Using "The 5 Why's" 
Root Cause of Variances 
Demand Planning Meeting Agenda 
Sales Planning Action Items 

Supply Planning Process 

What is Supply Planning? 
Supply Planning Meeting Agenda 
Root Cause Analysis Using "The 5 Why's" 
Root Causes of Variances 
Supply Planning Action Items
Rough-Cut Capacity Planning 
Steps to Set Up a Rough-Cut Capacity Tool 
Load Profile 
Monthly Rough-Cut Worksheet 

Partnership Meeting 

What is a Partnership Meeting? 
Partnership Meeting Sample Agenda 

Executive S&OP Meeting 

What is the Executive S&OP Meeting? 
Executive S&OP Meeting Agenda Topics 
Sample S&OP Agenda 

Executive TO-DO List 

Steps to Get Started with S&OP 

Definitions of S&OP Terms 

Sample S&OP Policy 

Multi-Site Steps 

Effective Meeting Habits 

Problem Solving Tools 

"The 5 Why's" 


Make to Stock 
Make to Order 

Reference Material 

Of Course We Do S&OP 
Sure You Have a Headache...( One Company's Experience with S&OP) 
Does You Company Need an S&OP Tune-up? 

S&OP Assessment Checklist 

Performance Measurements 


Workbook - 8 ˝ by 11 inches, comb binding, 122 pages.  

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