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The Right Choice
by Chris Gray

The MRP II Standard System by Chris Gray and Darryl Landvater

Sales and Operations Planning Handbook by Don Rice and John Civerolo



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Christopher D. Gray 

Gray Research 

181 Bunker Hill Avenue

Stratham NH 03885

1 603 778-9211 




I have been on the inside track of applying Resource Planning and Value Stream Management concepts for nearl 40 years. 

Since 1979, I've helped more companies resolve MRP II and ERP software issues than anyone else in the field. Most people know me for the work I've done in evaluating and assessing manufacturing and distribution resource planning software. 

In 1986, I wrote one of the first books on software evaluation and selection, The Right Choice. In 2008 I rewrote and updated it.  

In 1989, I co-authored the definitive books on core functionality in resource planning software, MRP II Standard Systemand MRP II Standard System Workbook. These books had been offered as research reports from 1976 to 1989. During that period of time I also wrote approximately 30 in-depth evaluations of commercial MRP II and ERP software packages, and more than 20 published articles on resource planning and computers in manufacturing. 

In 2006, I co-authored Sales & Operations Planning Best Practices, a comprehensive study of thirteen of the world's best S&OP users.  

In 2007, I wrote Sales and Operations Planning Standard System, the definitive book on the functionality that must be present in an S&OP system, and the reference software that accompanies the book.  

In 2008, I wrote Lean Standard System, the definitive book on the functionality that must be present in Lean software, as well as reference software that accompanies the book.  

I founded and maintain an international consulting and education practice whose client base includes some of the world's best known and most respected companies, many of whom operate Class A systems. 

I do Class A assessment, providing assessment services in North and South America, Europe and Asia.  

I offer and teach tailored on-site seminars and workshops on resource planning and lean manufacturing topics including S&OP, master scheduling, forecasting and demand management, value-stream mapping, developing and implementing pull systems, etc.  


Gray Research, Stratham, NH

President 1988-present 

Gray Research offers counseling and public and private seminars and workshops for manufacturing executives and managers trying to make the changes needed for improved value chain performance, consulting to assist in implementing improvement programs, as well as comprehensive evaluation of ERP software packages on an "as needed" basis. 

My consulting experience spans chemicals, beverages, textiles, heavy machinery, consumer and medical products, rubber, pharmaceuticals, electronics, automotive components, software development, etc. 

Partners for Excellence, Belmont, NH 

Founder and Director 2001-

Worldwide Excellence Partners (WWXP)


Partners for Excellence and Worldwide Excellence Partners (WWXP) are associations of management consultants in the field of manufacturing and distribution management. Partners for Excellence and WWXP market the services of its member companies, and encourages materials and resource sharing and capacity management among the member companies.  

Gray Media, Inc., Exeter, NH 

President 1991-1995

Gray Media marketed and supported specialty books and courseware for improving manufacturing and distribution operations. 

Monochrome Press, Inc., Exeter, NH 

President 1991-1995 

Monochrome Press developed and published books and educational material, including definitive works on employee recognition, supplier quality improvement, professional selling skills, and forecasting, written by recognized experts in each of these areas. 

Books included: Everyone Sells by Lee DuBois, Recognition Redefined by Roger Hale and Rita Maehling,Managing Supplier Quality by Roger Hale, et al, Focus Forecasting by Bernie Smith, Focus Forecasting and DRPby Bernie Smith, The Answers are on the Office Wall by Paul Thornton. 

Educational video based training materials included: The Recognition Redefined Workshop. 

 R D Garwood, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia 

Associate 1988-1992 


The Oliver Wight Companies 1979-1988 

Oliver Wight Software Research, Inc., Essex Junction, VT

President 1983-1988 

Vice President 1979-1983 

Oliver Wight Education Associates, Newbury, NH 

Associate 1983-1988 

Oliver Wight Video Productions, Inc., Essex Junction, VT

Education Consultant 1981-1988 

Software International, Inc., Andover, MA 1976-1979

Ohaus Scale Corporation, Florham Park, NJ 

Manufacturing Systems Analyst 1974-1976 


The Right Choice 1986. Oliver Wight Publications (John Wiley and Sons). Rewritten and re-released in 2008, Trafford Publishing

MRP II Standard System. A Handbook for Manufacturing Software Survival, 1989. Oliver Wight Publications (John Wiley and Sons). 

MRP II Standard System Workbook. A Handbook for Manufacturing Software Survival, 1989. Oliver Wight Publications (John Wiley and Sons). Contents of this book are now available on-line at the Gray Research website:www.grayresearch.com

Sales & Operations Planning Best Practices, 2006.  Trafford Publishing.  

Sales and Operations Planning Standard System, 2007.  Trafford Publishing

Lean Standard System, 2008.  Trafford Publishing


An Overview of Lean Manufacturing Concepts.  QAD Distinguished Authors Series

Performance Measurement and Assessment.  QAD Distinguished Authors Series


American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) 1975-2002 

Chapter President (North Shore Chapter) 1980 

Certified Fellow (CFPIM) 1980 

Frequent speaker at the APICS International Conference, and chapter meetings

International Institute of Forecasters (IIF) 2007-present

Foresight Advisory Board 2014-2016

Foresight Associate Editor 2016-present

NH German Language School

Director 2012-2014


Washington and Jefferson College 

BA, Mathematics 1973 

Phi Beta Kappa 

Summa Cum Laude 

With Honors in Mathematics 

Clyde Shepherd Atchinson Prize in Mathematics 

Mathematics Honorary, President 1972-73 

German Honorary, President 1972-73 

Kappa Scholar 

Carnegie Mellon University 

MS, Mathematics 1975 

Teaching Fellow 1973-74 


Who's Who in America, 53rd edition 

Who's Who in the East, 21st and subsequent editions 

Who's Who in America's Emerging Leaders, 1st and subsequent editions 

Who's Who in Finance and Industry, 25th and subsequent editions

Who's Who in Science and Engineering, 2nd and subsequent editions 

Who's Who in the World, 9th and subsequent editions




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