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Starting immediately, we will offer all of our classes, and consulting and software research services New Zealand in conjunction with Graham Barton.  Classes can be scheduled at your convenience, at a location of your choosing, for a reasonable investment of time and money and in a way that keeps "time away" at a bare minimum for your key people.  We have some innovative ideas for how you can schedule classes without taking people away from their jobs full-time.  And best of all, because our classes are done at your location, they'll be tailored to your needs and requirements.    

We've worked with Graham for nearly 20 years, first at ICI Colours and Fine Chemicals, later with Zeneca Specialties, and most recently, doing MRP II and Supply Chain Management classes in the UK.  Graham has Class A credentials - he has worked with a dozen or so ICI, Zeneca, and Avecia sites around the world, several of which have achieved formal Class A certification.  He has the same unique credentials as our other associates around the world - he has a successful track record of operating or consulting with clients who have successful Class A systems.  And he knows as much about MRP II and Supply Chain Management in chemical industries as anyone in the world.  

Having advice from someone who's been successful is the best insurance that you are on the right track.  Call or email us for more information:  1 603 778-9211, cgr...@grayresearch.com .   

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