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The Right Choice
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The MRP II Standard System by Chris Gray and Darryl Landvater

Sales and Operations Planning Handbook by Don Rice and John Civerolo



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Gray Research, along with our associates at Partners for Excellence, have an outstanding track record in helping companies achieve World Class results with Sales and Operations Planning, Supply Chain Management, and ERP.  

Our basic approach is to provide timely counseling and coaching to your people to get them to implement solutions that will truly work for you. We guide them past the pitfalls and around the roadblocks, but they "drive the car".

By bringing an outsider's set of eyes and perspective to your improvement program, we can help your people take an objective look at current processes, practices, procedures, and methods. We can get you on a path to success fast-and then keep you on the path until you achieve your objectives.

You invest in developing your people, not in producing flow charts and notebooks that will never see the light of day once the project is over.

Some of our consulting services include:

  • Implementation consulting with the management team to get the system "on the air" and operating at the highest possible levels of performance. The focus of this consulting is on getting behavior to change across the organization, so the technical aspects of the system can work.  
  • Software consulting with your technical people including assistance in evaluating software alternatives, including evaluation of software developed in-house, help in identifying interfaces and modifications, and installation planning to lay out a program to get the system running technically.
  • Post implementation consulting and Class A Assessment to achieve the benefits you expect.  

We've helped dozens of companies get the kind of results they deserved from the investment they made in systems!  Why not let us help you too?

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