Advanced Master Production Scheduling - Dealing With Products and Options

John Dougherty, Partners For Excellence

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Originally developed by QAD Inc. as part of their Distinguished Speakers Series.  


Video Based Education From Partners For Excellence

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

  • We sent our master schedulers to an outside workshop and they got an understanding of basic concepts - but didn't get enough detail on our problem - dealing with products that have lots of options.  

  • We don't have an effective mechanism to conduct internal education on important topics like master scheduling, or subtopics that apply to our situation like products with features and options.

  • We've spend a lot of time on S&OP and improved demand planning, but need help in the details of master production scheduling.  

  • We only have a few key people to educate, so having a live workshop on site doesn't make sense. 

  • We want to educate our master schedulers, but we also have a budget to consider - isn't there something available at a reasonable price that we can use over and over again? For both initial and on-going education?  

Here's a program by my associate John Dougherty that can help.  Advanced Master Production Scheduling - Dealing with Features and Options is a four hour video-based education course focused specifically on the needs of companies assembling or finishing products to order from options.  

Broken into seven major sections, the class covers:

  • Introduction

  • Master Scheduling Overview

  • Customer Order Promising

  • Finish to Order Master Scheduling

  • Hedge Planning

  • Integrating With The Finishing Schedule

  • Summary

Advanced Master Scheduling also includes a mastery test to verify your comprehension of the course material, a glossary of important master scheduling terms, articles on master scheduling, and answers to frequently asked questions on master production scheduling.  


And as you'll see below, it's priced at less than half of what you'd spend to send someone to an outside seminar conducted by someone with John's expertise.  


Use Advanced Master Scheduling as a standalone education program for a group of master schedulers, as supplementary material to the Partners For Excellence “Master Scheduling Instructors Manual” (a train-the trainer-course), as a complement to live education sessions and readings, or for individual learning.  


As a standalone education program, Advanced Master Scheduling will support a series of education sessions that combine a review of concepts (reviewing the video based material) and a detailed discussion of how the concepts apply within the company.  Four hours of video for this course would typically be equivalent to 5-6 two hour education sessions.  


As supplementary material to the Master Scheduling Instructors Manual, this course provides additional detail on subjects like two level master scheduling, order promising for products that are assembled to order, integration with the finishing schedule.  


Use it when your people come back from live workshops and seminars to reinforce their knowledge of important master scheduling concepts, and on an on-going basis for individual review and learning.  



Detailed Course Content and Timings:   

  • Master Scheduling Introduction | 3:49

  • Master Scheduling Overview | 8:38

  • Relationship of MPS to ERP Functions | 8:28

  • Objectives of Master Scheduling | 8:31

  • Independent/Dependent Demand | 8:13

  • MPS Mechanics—Part 1 | 10:54

  • MPS Mechanics—Part 2 | 12:04

  • Planning Time Fence | 8:30

  • The Master Schedule: Summary | 7:28

  • Lead Times, Time Fences, Time Zones | 12:08

  • MPS Mechanics—Available–to–Promise | 7:49

  • Capable–to–Promise | 2:59

  • Where Do You Meet the Customer? | 6:20

  • Approach to Manufacturing | 11:55

  • Finish– or Assemble–to–Order Products | 3:13

  • Planning Bills of Material | 6:46

  • Modular Bills of Material | 11:19

  • Backlog | 2:39

  • Scheduling Example Part 1 | 15:36

  • Scheduling Example Part 2 | 11:22

  • Calculating the Option Forecast | 3:15

  • Customer Order Promising | 3:36

  • Available–to–Promise with Two Demand Streams | 6:32

  • Available–to–Promise with Two Demand Streams | 4:50

  • Factors Affecting Stocking Decisions | 8:27

  • MPS Overplanning | 7:23

  • MPS Overplanning—Another Approach | 6:58

  • MPS Overplanning—Summary | 11:46

  • Communicating the Schedule | 8:25

  • Summary | 11:08

  • Improving Master Schedule Performance | 6:22

  • Performance Improvement | 9:00

  • Roles & Responsibilities | 6:33

  • The Role of the Master Scheduler | 7:43

  • El Secreto Está en Pegarse | 3:16

Technical Requirements 

A PC with a DVD player running Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 through Internet Explorer 8.0, Mozilla Firefox through 9.x, and early versions of Google Chrome, under Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Vista, Microsoft Windows XP, or Windows 2000 operating systems.

Because of technical issues with the Media Player in this course, only IE 5.0 - 8.0, Mozilla Firefox through release 9.x, and early versions of Google Chrome will play this course properly. 


About the Author

Since 1977, John Dougherty has been providing direction for manufacturers seeking to improve their management controls and productivity levels. Along with the Partners for Excellence, he instructs private, company-focused education sessions on many topics, including: S&OP, forecasting and demand management, master production scheduling, ERP, etc. for senior, functional and project management.  He helped pioneer many of the important concepts used in S&OP and master scheduling today.  

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Pricing And Order Information

To order Advanced Master Production Scheduling - Dealing With Products and Options from anywhere in the world, enter your order using a credit card using the secure link accessed below.    Credit card processing is provided by PayPal but does not require a PayPal account.  


Data DVD, pricing in US dollars:  $495.00.   


Special Offers:  The Sales and Operations Planning Instructor's Guide, the Master Production Scheduling Instructor's Guide and the Advanced Master Production Scheduling Video complement each other and can be used in together to form a comprehensive internal education program for the master scheduling and S&OP processes for your company.  


Buy the Master Production Scheduling Instructor's Guide  and the Advanced Master Production Scheduling Video together for a combined price of $925 (a discount of 25% from the normal price of $1245 if you purchase them individually).  


Buy the Advanced MPS Video, the MPS Instructor's Guide, and the S&OP Instructor's Guide together for $1300 (a discount of more than 40% from the normal price of $2240).  

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Master Scheduling Instructors Manual
The Partners for Excellence Master Production Scheduling Instructors Manual was specifically designed to support timely, focused, self-administered education and as a way to “train-the-trainers” for your internal education program. This comprehensive Instructor’s Manual contains detailed course material and the visuals for conducting a class, instructor notes for each visual (what are the key points that need to be made?) as well as suggested brainstorming questions to facilitate two-way discussion and learning.


These materials can be used as a turnkey, stand-alone product, or the material and examples can be customized and tailored to fit your processes and environment. The MPS Instructor’s Manual can be used to conduct 8-24 hours of education. Contents include:

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