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Advance Praise for:

Sales and Operations Planning Standard System


I found this to be a quick read full of practical advice to implement and improve any S&OP process.  S&OP is a business process.  The successful S&OP processes I've implemented and have seen operating at a high level all contain the process elements described in this book.

Bob Sampson, mySAP SCM Senior Consultant, SAP America Inc.

I think this is an awesome work and loved it.  I wish we had it back in the Bently Nevada days.  One general theme that struck me was the line you walk between a book on building the tool and a book on managing with the tool.  Overall, I think it is great. 

Jim Prevatte , Chairman, Strategic Information Group

Chris' book on Sales & Operations Planning is highly readable and makes a major contribution to both systems designers and to the people tasked with buying systems. It not only explains the type of functionality required by the system, but also educates the reader on why. In the end, the reader comes away with a clear understanding how a good software program can help bring the diverse organizational units into a consensual understanding of what the company must do to achieve its targets.

Matty Monheit, Senior Management Consultant, Metamorphosis Coaching and Consulting, Ltd. 

…to say the book is excellent is almost an understatement.  Having had the implementation experience about 8 times (various businesses), this is SO comprehensive and it literally lays out all the various aspects and it provides why.  What I think is extremely key about this book is the reference legacy it provides in terms of being able to reach back and test what one is or has been doing -- it is that comprehensive.

Eileen Lucas, Chemical Industry Consultant (Formerly Commercial Operations Manager – US, Avecia Inc.)

QAD used the Chris’ earlier books in the creation of our MFG/PRO product in the 1980's; we found them to be very clear and gave us a great basis for our software.  We look forward to Chris's new Standards Series.

Pam Lopker , Founder, QAD Inc. 

Chris Gray has provided a simple and practical summary of the S&OP process and tool set which would be useful to all levels of understanding. 

Ron Kasoff, S&OP Manager DuPont Teijin Films

Back in the 80's in Australia , it was very difficult as an MRPII Project Manager, to successfully choose and implement ERP/MRPII software. Thankfully, we had The Standard System and Workbook to improve the chances of achieving real benefits to our companies. With S&OP now being recognised as a critical tool for the senior management team, Chris's new book will provide companies the same support in implementing a successful S&OP process.

Phil Heenan, President, Phil Heenan Consulting

After you understand the "what and why", the real key to success is the "how".  There is no one more eminently qualified than Chris Gray, to clearly explain the detail and the mechanics of S&OP. This book provides the template for designing a highly effective S&OP process. 

John Dougherty, Senior Partner, Partners for Excellence

I feel the S&OP Standard System is a MUST book for companies that are implementing, re-implementing or upgrading their S&OP process and/or system software. Plus the financial tie into the S&OP plan is outstanding.

John J. Civerolo, Senior Partner, Partners for Excellence

I wish we had it at the start of our 5 Step S&OP Project. It clearly outlines the relationships between the Demand, Production and Inventory Plans and how they impact each other as well as actions and decisions made by commercial, manufacturing, and financial groups. 

Deborra Ciocys, Manufacturing and Business Support Manager, FUJIFILM  Imaging Colorants, Inc.